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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


Parents in School

We welcome assistance from parents in the classrooms and on the library bus.

If you would like to discuss this, please speak to your child's class teacher.

Charges in Education

The Education Reform Act 1988 brought out new legislation regarding charges for School activities. 

The Government is committed to the principle of free school education and the Act prohibits charging except in certain clearly defined circumstances.  The Act provides for schools to invite VOLUNTARY CONTRIBUTIONS for the benefit of the school.

Optional activities taking place outside normal school hours do qualify for charging.

At Littleton we will be asking for voluntary donations towards the cost of:

  • visiting theatre groups,
  • instrumental groups,
  • class outings etc

These items are costly and cannot happen without the financial help of parents.  Under the Act, we also reserve the right to make a charge for damage to equipment when a child has been negligent.

Home Learning

While home learning is not compulsory, we do welcome parental help and encouragement, particularly with our Home School Reading Programme,  spellings and other learning when requested. 

The more you are able to share in your child’s learning development the more progress will take place.  There will be meetings and instruction to help you with this, and we feel sure you will gain much in the way of interest and satisfaction.

Pastoral Care and Parental Involvement

We place great value on personal discussion between parent and teacher.  

The class teacher is responsible for the pastoral welfare of the children in the first instance.  More serious problems are referred to Miss Poland who is happy to see parents who need advice and help. Opportunities to discuss progress are given each term on previously arranged dates and parents are urged not to miss their appointments.  At other times parents are welcome to make appointments to see the Headteacher or class teacher at a mutually convenient time.

Visits and Tours of the School

Visits and tours are arranged for prospective parents.

These are followed by visits for each child before the commencement of school.

A meeting is held for parents of children about to start school to pass on information and give opportunities for questions and answers. A further meeting takes place for new parents a month or so after the children have started school to discuss the curriculum, how the children have settled and provide an opportunity for class teachers to talk to parents about the ways in which parents can help.

Records of the progress of each child are kept by the class teacher and are available for discussion at specific Open Evenings and at other times on request.  There are times when parents are invited to look at their children’s learning and to see the learning of the class.

If parents wish to help during school time they are invited to contact the Class teacher in the first instance.


The School nurse may carry out weights and vision checks. 

The audiologist and school dentist carry out brief hearing and dental checks.  Parents are informed before this occurs.

Nits and Head Lice: unfortunately these pests never seem to go away;  please do check your child’s hair regularly.

Children should not attend school if they are suffering from the following:

  • High Temperature
  • Diarrhoea or Vomiting (Children should not return to school for 48 hours after symptoms have stopped).
  • Have an infectious illness.
  • A heavy cold/cough which prevents them from learning effectively.

Medication in School

Please see Littleton’s policy on Administration of Medicines and First Aid on the “School Policies” page.

School Meals and Milk

The school is promoting healthy food by providing healthy menus, encouraging fruit or vegetables in packed lunch boxes and providing a portion of fruit or vegetables at morning break.

School dinners cooked in the School Kitchen are available to all children free of charge.

Packed lunches may be brought to be eaten in the dining hall. Drinks should be provided in a leak-proof, plastic container.  No fizzy drinks please, or anything containing nuts.

Milk can be purchased for the morning break, but must be ordered and paid for in advance via the “Cool Milk” company. An alternative drink, for those who do not like milk, should be provided by the parents; fruit juice in cartons with straws only. Bottles of water can be brought in each day for lunchtime play.

Attendance Policy

At Littleton School we regard regular attendance and punctuality as very important in order for pupils to progress and achieve their potential.

The DFE collects all attendance figures from schools as they are monitoring the effect of attendance on attainment.  They have found a direct correlation between absence and poor attainment.  All absences and late attendances are recorded as codes and sent to DFE each year.

Attendance targets are set for each school; typically the targets are above 96%. The targets are discussed with and monitored by the Educational Welfare Officer, (EWO), as well as with the School Improvement Partner in the Autumn Visit.

Attendance figures are published and scrutinised by Ofsted every Autumn Term. These are available to schools only.

Every term the EWO looks at authorised absences, unauthorised absences and persistent absentees.  Any causes for concern can be referred to the EWO, who will then contact the parents or guardians.  The EWO will also support the school with Penalty Notices for persistent, unauthorised absences.  A Penalty Notice, which may be issued to a parent or guardian, is a fine of £50 each, payable within 28 days. It is an alternative to prosecution, which does not require an appearance in Court, whilst still securing an improvement in a pupil’s attendance.

Start Times and Procedures for Late Pupils

The first bell rings at 8.40 a.m. and the second bell at 8.45 a.m. 

The pupils have 5 minutes to enter school, due to the traffic congestion in Rectory Close.  Any pupil arriving after the bell, but before 9.10 a.m. will have an “L” for Late in the register.  Those who arrive after 9.10 a.m. are recorded as O which is an unauthorised absence for that session.  Each day has two sessions, one before and one after lunch.

The office needs to know reasons for absence in order to complete the register correctly. It is also important for the dinner register to be accurate.


Holidays during term time are not authorised unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Two examples quoted by DFE are for family trauma and Armed Forces or other Services’ annual leave.  All absences are recorded in the register and are also reported in the pupils’ end of year Records of Achievement.

Pupils in Year 2 will need to attend regularly throughout May in order to carry out SATs assessment tasks.  If pupils are away on holiday and miss the tasks, the school may have a right to issue a Penalty Notice.


If a pupil is ill, the parent should telephone the office before 9.30 a.m. on the same day, so that the correct code can be recorded in the register.

If the pupil has a medical appointment, the parent should either inform the office by phone or send a note to the office before the appointment.


Pupils are rewarded for 100% attendance at the end of each term. 

From Autumn 2010, the school will reward punctuality and good attendance each week in the Reflection Assembly (Star of the Week).  Surrey County Council will have a character called MAC (Make Attendance Count) who will visit schools to talk to pupils and parents, in order to encourage regular attendance.

This Policy will be given to all parents, so that they are aware of the school’s high regard of regular attendance.

Home/School Agreement

New parents are requested to  read the Home/School Agreement, and sign if they wish. 

The signed copy should be returned to the School and the second copy should be retained by the parents.