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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


 Science at Littleton

Our Science curriculum aims to develop the children’s understanding of the world around them.

For all children to be investigators and observers so they can:

  • develop their understanding of the world around them.
  • use the relevant scientific vocabulary and raise and explore scientific questions.
  • use scientific skills such as performing simple tests, identifying and classifying, making observations and gathering and recording data.

We encourage all children to develop their natural curiosity and become excited and inspired about nature, our world and scientific processes. Children develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in science and are encouraged to ask their own questions. Our aims are that all children in our school, regardless of educational need, will have direct access to high quality teaching in science; delivered from a well-resourced and structured subject base which will:

  • Stimulate and satisfy curiosity
  • Offer direct and practical experiences
  • Challenge any misconceptions
  • Increase knowledge and understanding of subject matter
  • Develop and improve the ability to work scientifically and ask relevant questions
  • Develop and improve critical and creative thinking
  • Build children’s self-confidence to enable them to work independently and cooperatively, regardless of educational need.

 Lessons are usually weekly but sometimes they are blocked to allow for extended time with some investigations. Adaptions are made to support the varying needs of learners and to utilise the benefits of the local environment.

Each lesson follows a similar approach which is for children to: - 

  • Share what they know already about this subject
  • Know what the question and subject looks like in a familiar context 
  • Have active, practical engagement in exploring the subject material to stimulate and maintain a natural curiosity
  • Ask questions in order that their curiosity leads to authentic and purposeful science investigation
  • Communicate their reflections and findings in an appropriate and meaningful way. 

A taste of Science in action at Littleton:





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