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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


We believe that every child can succeed in maths, and one of the most important building blocks for success is a positive mindset.

It is therefore essential that children feel positive about maths.

At Littleton we give the children lots of opportunities to help build this positive mindset because we use mathematical concepts and procedures many times in our daily lives, often without the children realising that it is maths.

All children in Reception to Year 2 have a daily maths lesson and additional short maths sessions as needed across the week. To help us with our planning we use White Rose Maths as a basis and we have adapted it to suit the needs of our children and school. Using a variety of resources we’re building a whole new culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths – a culture that produces strong, secure learning and real progress.

At Littleton we strive to create learners who are assured, happy and resilient mathematicians who relish the challenge of maths. We promote them to become independent, reflective thinkers, whose skills not only liberate them in maths but also support them across the curriculum.


Maths in EYFS is taught in a variety of engaging ways to deepen each child’s understanding of mathematical ideas and concepts.

At the heart of this is the children learning through their play in our learning environment. The children are observed at play using the wide range of maths related resources as well as things such as construction and art materials and their comments and responses are recorded.

We follow the White Rose planning supplemented by NCETM Numberblocks materials. This allows us to explore each mathematical concept in detail. We begin by looking at a number a week to allow children to build their confidence and secure understanding.

Maths in EYFS is hands on during both adult led sessions and in the learning environment. Early on, we introduce the children to Numicon. Numicon is a fantastic resource as it makes number ‘real’ for children as they are able to see and touch them. It allows children to explore pattern, ordering, counting and early calculation as they understand what each piece represents and means.

Every day the children have a whole class carpet input where the teacher will introduce and develop the essential skills that are essential for them to work towards the Early Learning Goals. This will involve a wide variety of resources such as Numicon, objects for counting, shapes, scales for measurement and the interactive white board to name but a few. Once a week the children will also work in a small group with an adult to reinforce the learning for that week, address any misconceptions and extend learning further.

Yearly Overview for EYFS

Year 1 and Year 2

In Key Stage 1 we follow the National Curriculum for Mathematics and use the White Rose to inform planning.