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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


WANTED for the 21st Century workforce!

Resilient, independent learners who have flexible skills and competencies, work well in teams and can lead themselves and others to perform up to and beyond their potential.

Some of the jobs and careers that your children will take up when they leave full time education have not yet been created.

We develop our children’s capacity to:

  • Be resilient
  • Be thoughtful and caring
  • Have a positive self-image
  • Be critical thinkers and positive problem solvers
  • Care for their world
  • Understand that learning is a lifelong journey
  • Be creative and reflective learners
  • Enjoy learning!

The Language of Learning at Littleton

We use specific language to promote in each child a strong ‘sense of self’ as a learner.

We use the word LEARNING not work

We do not use the word NAUGHTY we use the language of ‘good choice’ and ‘bad choice’

Enquiry based learning

Our innovative approach to the curriculum promotes high levels of engagement and achievement for our children.

  • Why do we live on earth?
  • Why is fire fascinating?
  • What makes superheroes special?
  • Why did the dinosaurs become extinct?