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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


Enquiry Based Curriculum

What is it?

Ofsted has praised our school for its exciting, rich and innovative curriculum (April 2018).

You have Implemented an inspiring curriculum that brings learning to life.


You have changed the way in which teachers work by shifting the focus of their lessons to what pupils are to learn, rather than what they are to do.


The quality of the curriculum is undoubtedly a strength of the school & underpins all aspects of learning. It has been imaginatively planned to take into account locally found experiences as well as building on the skills & talents of adult associated with the school.


We deliberately start each half term with a question. This promotes higher levels of engagement and interest for our children. They are encouraged to ask questions, think about what they already know and to generate their own questions. Wherever possible subjects such as music, dance art, design and technology are linked through the enquiry question.

How have we developed our enquiry based curriculum?

Over the last six years we have worked with a consultant from the Institute of Education in London (IOE) to help us design and review our curriculum.

  • Our core Christian vision and values underpin everything
  • Six half termly enquiry questions in each year group
  • Strong development of metacognition and learning to learn
  • Children are in the driving seat and are expected to be “in charge of their learning”
  • Growth mindset and the power of self-talk
  • Strong focus on relationships for learning and well being
  • Coherence and connectivity in the design of the curriculum from Nursery to Year 2. Building on children’s prior learning
  • Each enquiry question culminates in a half termly ‘Celebration of Learning’ to which parents are invited
  • Strategic decisions made to invest time in INSET and reflection opportunities for staff in the planning of each question

When appropriate early reading and writing skills may be taught through the enquiry question. Maths and Religious Education is taught discretely.