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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School

School Priorities

Littleton C of E Nursery and Infant School

Headline Priorities for 2019/2020 based on School Improvement Plan

“Let all that you do be done in love”

1 Corinthians 16:14








Continue to focus on outstanding learning to learn culture, growth mindset and resilience and challenge for all (with a focus on our higher achievers & GDS pupils)

Strengthen the impact of strategic leadership (including governance) through the development of the new distributed SLT structure and training for governors

Ensure that pupils have opportunities to write imaginatively and creatively across a range of subjects through our enquiry based curriculum to increase % of GDS (OFSTED 2018)

Achieve an excellent SIAMS inspection judgement

Review and develop the enquiry based curriculum and half termly questions so that they have clear intent, implementation and impact. Build subject specific skills from nursery to year 2.

Develop a shared whole school approach (based on evidenced research and pedagogy) to the teaching of early reading and maths from nursery through to year 2. (EIF 2018)










Priorities for the coming year        

Ensure all pupils make at least good/outstanding progress in reading, writing and maths and that pupils achieving expected and greater depth is above national

Ensure that a whole school approach to the teaching of maths, problem solving and reasoning and early reading is embedded throughout the school

Continue with the analysis of the impact of interventions so that the gap is being narrowed for Disadvantaged Pupils and other vulnerable groups including SEND

Review our enquiry based curriculum with Jane Reed from the Institute of Education so that it is focused on impact (the new EIF Ofsted framework)and has clear incremental subject skill building from EYFS to year 2








Priorities for the coming year

Ensure the needs of higher achievers are planned for and that an increasing percentage of pupils achieve GDS in reading, writing and maths

Ensure that handwriting is taught effectively from EYFS so that pupils form their letters correctly

Ensure that pupils are learning spelling patterns in EYFS and applying these accurately to their writing

Outstanding presentation of learning in all subjects and in all books.

All pupils understand and can talk about their progress and next steps so that progress is accelerated

Continue with current level of CPD and systemic coaching so that teaching and learning approach & pedagogy is consistently being reflected upon and improved

To increase the percentage of teaching judged (through triangulation) to be outstanding by mentoring, linking with local feeder schools, observation of outstanding teaching in a variety of schools, learning to learn pedagogy development  and training










Priorities for the coming year

Ensure Littleton Explorers ‘home grown’ pupils that join Littleton EYFS make good/outstanding progress and achieve GLD at the end of EYFS

Ensure that the % of pupils achieving  GLD is at 80% (2020)

Develop an outstanding learning culture with the new team  in EYFS so that all pupils have an appropriate and enriching environment 

Strong and robust phonics curriculum (including daily direct teaching in EYFS) using Jolly Phonics and Letter and Sounds from EYFS to ensure that all children achieve their full potential. Daily precision teaching.

Strong and robust daily direct maths teaching (Numicon Firm Foundations, White Rose materials, daily Maths Meetings, reasoning and problem solving opportunities through continuous provision). Daily precision teaching.

Continue to strengthen the EYFS cycle of planning, observation, assessment and provision so that adults are highly diagnostic and children make good to outstanding progress from entry to nursery to end of EYFS 2










Priorities for the coming year

Ensure that robust attendance monitoring is in place so that attendance is at least 96%

Ensure outstanding safeguarding and CP procedures are in place and underpinned by regular DSL led updates and  the school curriculum

Continue the strong transition program to St Nicholas Primary School which includes clear communication and realistic expectations for parents prior at parent meeting in April 2019

Strengthen Pupil Voice linked to our Christian vision and core values so that pupils feel listened to, flourish, have strong mental health and resilience

The school approach to strong and flourishing relationships for   learning is consistently implemented and impacts strongly on learning

To ensure our shared vision allows all members of our school community to develop resilience and to flourish

Achieve OPAL status for our playtimes and ensure that our OPAL provision supports active playtimes and supports collaboration and wellbeing


Priorities for the coming year

To ensure the whole school community is strategically prepared and fully understands the new SIAMS inspection schedule 2018

Build upon the embedded LDBS RE curriculum so that it is dynamic and engaging for the children in our school and reflects our Christian vision and values, current diocesan requirements and our enquiry based curriculum

To deepen opportunities for all pupils (including nursery) to be involved in spontaneous spiritual moments and Big Questions through a co constructed approach to spirituality

To further develop the opportunities that all children have to be fully involved in the worship process through involving them in the planning, delivery and evaluation of worship

Use the  LDBS/diocese of Salisbury Assessment systems for RE and spirituality respectively so that staff are able to continue to respond sensitively and appropriately  to children’s spiritual moments








Priorities for the coming year

All teaching staff are able to  efficiently and accurately analyse  the progress of individuals and specific groups of children and hold each other rigorously to account for the progress and outcomes in each subject area

To embed and effectively measure the impact of the new strategic leadership structure of the school.

To effectively support and coach the new SENCO and Senior Teacher in their newly developed roles









Continue to embed and outstanding climate for learning through our ‘no    excuses’, challenge for all, resilience and growth mindset culture at all levels and by all team members

Ensure our strongly embedded Christian vision and values weave through our curriculum and impact on our outstanding learning culture  and British Values so that all pupils make good/outstanding progress and attainment