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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School

Our Curriculum

Our Vision and Intent

Our curriculum is driven by our school vision and our belief that each child will flourish, achieve, develop resilience and experience ‘life in all its fullness’. Our school believes in the immersive ‘culture of curriculum’ and our curriculum is continuously developed and updated as we reflect upon and improve our curriculum offer.

We recognise that young children need to ‘learn to read so that they can read to learn’ to empower them to access the curriculum. In addition, they need to know and understand early mathematical knowledge, fluency and concepts in order to progress securely as a mathematician. These ‘gateway skills’ are an essential component of our curriculum at Littleton.

As a small school team, each subject is led by ‘Littleton Curriculum Champions’ who work collaboratively to co construct and lead their curriculum subjects with passion, conviction and rigour.

Curriculum Design

Our curriculum is designed from the National Curriculum Programmes of Study to maximise the potential of our children to achieve strong academic success. It also enables them to create pathways and opportunities for their transition to KS2 and their future lives. The curriculum is inclusive and ensures that all are valued as individuals; facilitating them in discovering their talents and interests regardless of their background, and preparing them for their next stage of schooling.

Every subject has a curriculum map, which sets out the aspirational progression of knowledge, skills and vocabulary we expect children to learn and remember in the long term. At Littleton, we use the term ‘Sticky knowledge’ to help the children to understand the importance of transferring learning into their long-term memory.

Our curriculum maps are coherently sequenced. Every subject is of equal value and we celebrate and take pride that we are developing young children’s love and engagement in art/D & T, music, computing, geography and history as well as supporting children to achieve in the core subjects. All pupils receive the full national curriculum throughout the school.

Our curriculum builds progressively upon children’s starting points and prior knowledge and skills. This enables our children to make links between concepts, committing information to their long-term memory, resulting in fluency within and across subjects.

Enquiry Based Learning

Half-termly enquiry-based learning questions develop children’s curiosity, critical thinking, resilience, self-belief, and understanding of diversity. Through high levels of involvement, children develop positive relationships; learning how to work both independently and collaboratively. Texts are of high quality and chosen carefully to support children’s enjoyment of reading as well as developing their personal development and reflect diversity and inclusivity.


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