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Littleton Church of England Nursery and Infant School


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Littleton School is a Voluntary Aided State Nursery and Infant School and is a co-educational day school.

It is organised as a Nursery and Infant School with four classes for children aged rising three to 7 years.

It is aided by the Local Education Authority (Surrey County Council). The Board of Governors is responsible for the management of the school. They are aided by the Local Education Authority in the upkeep, staffing and equipping of the school. The Governors are further assisted by the London Diocesan Board for Schools in such matters as administration, provision of accommodation, maintenance and Religious Education.

The school was founded over 200 years ago, when the Squire provided room in the Manor House for the education of the children of the village. In 1873, the Squire provided a School House and Hall which were in full use for education until 1976, and are now used for community work. The Church provided the modern, well-equipped building which is now used by the school. The Bishop of Kensington laid the foundation stone in 1969 and all the children have been accommodated in the new building since 1970.

The church link is not maintained without a price; as in all other areas of life, there is a cost. Broadly speaking, since the church is the owner of the School buildings (though not their furnishings) the church is responsible for the insurance of the buildings and part of their maintenance costs. To help the Governors meet these charges a School Maintenance Fund exists. The local Church (St Mary Magdalene) makes contributions to this Fund but it is vital to the School that its help is supplemented by the financial support of the parents of the children at the School and other well-wishers.

In order to be able to meet the demands of maintaining the School at its present high standard, we ask that for every child attending the School an appropriate amount is contributed (the annual amount is £66.) Should you wish to pay this by monthly standing order (just £6.00 per month) details are available from the school office, alternatively this can be paid annually, each term, half termly or weekly (cheques made payable to Littleton School Trustees.) If you require any advice on these points please contact the School Secretary, the Head Teacher or the Chair of Governors; Rev Tim Rose.

Organisation and Admissions

The School is organised as a Nursery and Infant School for children who are 3 to 7 years.

There are four classes, each providing for one year group and children enter the School in the academic year in which they have their fifth birthday. The children in Reception may attend full-time from September.

The School supports “Inclusion” of children with disabilities or Special Educational Needs.  Wherever possible the Curriculum or resources are adapted to suit the child’s needs.
Disabled access is via the front door;  the bell to be rung for assistance, or through the hall doors.


The school is accommodated in a modern, well-equipped building, situated in spacious and pleasant grounds.

In 2006 extensive building work further improved facilities and resources: a group work room, toilet, soft-surface play areas, new central corridor, extended re-furbished classroom and renewal of all lighting. All classroom windows and doors were replaced in 2009.

Transfer to Junior School

In September following the child’s seventh birthday he/she will transfer to a Junior School. 

Our two local Junior schools are St Nicholas Church of England Primary School and Saxon County Primary School, both of which are located in Shepperton.  St. Nicholas School Admission Policy is to give children at Littleton priority in receiving a place up to a maximum class size of 32. All schools are required to review their Admissions Criteria on an annual basis, which is therefore subject to change. We advise parents requiring a place at St. Nicholas School to ask for a list of their Admissions Criteria.

Littleton Explorers Nursery

As a school we are strongly committed to fulfilling our vision of developing as an Early Years Centre of Excellence for our local community.

Therefore we are delighted to have opened in September 2016 our new Littleton Explorers Nursery. We offer a teacher led rich indoor and outdoor learning environment which encourages children’s enjoyment of active and play based learning.