Littleton C. of E. Infant School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children. The recruitment and appointment of staff, school policies and procedures always consider the safeguarding of children as the first priority.

At Littleton School we recognise that heavy snowfall can cause significant problems for staff and families attempting to come into school.  Disruption to transport services may prevent many members of staff and children from coming in to school at all.  Ice and snow may cause hazardous conditions to road users and to those on foot.  This impacts the number of people who are able to safely come into school on ‘snow days’, and therefore, we may need to take a decision before the school day begins about whether the school should be closed until further notice.

Our Decision:

  • The duty of care to our children and staff will always be at the forefront of any decision to either keep the school open in adverse weather or to affect a closure.
  • We will always aim to keep the school open if possible, as we recognise the inconvenience of disruption to the normal school week.
  • We will make a decision as soon as is practicable, but it is possible that a final decision will not be taken until the morning of closure as and when enough information becomes available.
  • On days where adverse weather is forecast, the decision may be made the night before to delay the start of the school day till 9.30am to allow time to assess the situation in the morning.
  • Our decision will be based on the information that we are in possession of at the time the decision is made.

Factors that will affect our decision:

  • Whether there are enough members of staff able to travel safely to and from school in order to be able to provide satisfactory care for our children.
  • Whether the severity of the weather conditions is on such a major scale that it is unlikely that many people will be able, physically, to make it into school.
  • Whether conditions are expected to worsen or improve during the course of the day.
  • Whether the school grounds are sufficiently safe for the children, parents and staff.
  • Whether the school has sufficient heating.
  • Whether the school has lighting and hot water across the site.
  • Whether external agencies, e.g. police, local government, motoring organisations etc, are advising against travel in our region.

We advise parents not to set off for school without first confirming that the school will be open.

If the school is open during snowy weather:

  1. Before bringing children to school, parents are asked to ensure they have arrangements in place to collect the children from school early, if the need arises.
  2. Parents should ensure that the school has contact details on which they can be reached throughout the day.  Most information will be relayed by text message where possible.
  3. We may aim for the children to play outside in the snow if they wish, so please make sure they are well dressed for very cold weather.
  4. Parents may be asked to provide their child with a packed lunch if the kitchen is not operational.

If heavy snow falls during the day when the school is open:

  1. If heavy snow falls when the children are already at the school and disruption is foreseeable, then parents should set off from their place of work or from home in plenty of time to ensure that they arrive at the school before the school closes.
  2. It may be that parents are asked to pick children up early due to either problems with heating, or the need to close the school part way through the day to allow children and staff to get home safely before the weather deteriorates, please be alert for messages throughout the day.

Our website should be consulted regularly and checked for updates.  Additionally Surrey County Council’s website publishes up to date information on school closures and this can be accessed on  We will also endeavour to text message and email parents to ensure a clear message is sent.  Please however, be aware that occasionally in bad weather text messages can be delayed.

Parents have to decide whether it is safe and desirable for them to make the journey into school.  Please be mindful of local advice from the police and motoring organisations.  If you decide not to travel and the school is open please contact the school and leave a message for the school secretary.

Arrival and Collection:
If children arrive late it is important that children sign in and register at the front office if they arrive late.

School will close at the usual time, but should the decision be made to close earlier, parents will be notified in the usual way.

There will be no after school activities, games or clubs on ‘Snow days’.