Littleton Core Values

Littleton Church of England Infant School – Home School Agreement

Core Values

Care for ourselves
Care for each other
Care for our world
Through the love of God

The Parent’s Agreement
I/We will…

  • Work in partnership with the school to achieve the best for my child.
  • Encourage my child to be the best learner they can be.
  • Ensure that my child attends school everyday, in school uniform, on time and ready to learn.
  • Support all school policies and rules and follow the school behaviour code.
  • Let the school know promptly if there are issue or concerns that may affect my child’s learning or behaviour.
  • Approach the school promptly if there are any concerns/issues concerning the school. (Avoid social media as a vehicle for concerns.)
  • Read letters from the school and reply promptly where necessary.
  • Attend parent meetings and consultations.

The School’s Agreement
We will…

  • Treat your son/daughter fairly, care for him/her and ensure his/her happiness.
  • Ensure he/she is well taught and reaches his/her full potential.
  • Provide a personalised yet broad, innovative and challenging curriculum.
  • Help him/her to develop a sense of responsibility and consideration for others.
  • Work with the community to support a range of creative learning opportunities.
  • Encourage high standards of behaviour at all times.
  • Encourage good attendance and punctuality.
  • Ensure parents and carers are kept informed about their children’s progress.
  • Be welcoming at all times and listen and respond to any concerns.
  • Provide regular updates about what is going on in school.

The Pupil’s Agreement
I will…

  • Follow our 3 core values:
    • Care for myself
    • Care for each other
    • Care for my world
  • Through our love of God.
  • Respect myself and everyone in my school.
  • Always be the best learner that I can be.
  • Follow the behaviour rules at Littleton and try to stay on the sun and star.
  • Care for my school environment.