Charging And Remissions Policy

In making the following policy, based on Sections 402, 450-458 and 460 of the Education Reform Act 1996, the governors agree with the principle of maintaining the right to free school education and provision of a wide and varied curriculum in line with Every Child Matters. However, they also appreciate that the involvement of pupils in certain visits and activities, whether they take place within or outside the normal school hours, cannot realistically be paid for from the school’s budget delegated from the Local Education Authority to the school.

The governors do not wish the present pattern of school activities, which have proved to be so beneficial, to cease through lack of funding and the ensuing statements are designed to comply with the regulations and provide the opportunity for these activities to continue.

A. Charging For Activities Arranged During School Hours
These may include day visits with curricular projects, theatre and other performing groups visiting the school, ingredients and materials for practical subjects such as design and food technology.

  1. No child should be precluded from any activity during normal school hours by reason of an inability to pay for such an event.
  2. If an activity is deemed to be worthwhile and is relevant to the planned curriculum, the funding of such an activity will be from one or more of the following sources:
  • voluntary contributions from parents;
  • Governor, HSA or school funds;
  • outside sponsors or charitable agencies;
  • normal LEA provision.

3. If voluntary contributions are requested from parents:

  • it will be made clear that there is no obligation to contribute;
  • the contribution will be intended to cover the cost for that child, and
  • other necessary overall costs but will not be intended to subsidise other children;
  • registered pupils will not be treated differently according to whether or not their parents have made a contribution in response to the request;
  • parents will be made aware that the activity may only take place if sufficient funding becomes available.

B. Activities Outside School Hours
The Section A policy also applies to educational activities which take place wholly or partly outside school hours but only if such activities:

  1. fulfil any requirements specified in the syllabus for a prescribed public examination
  2. are part of the statutory duties relating the National Curriculum; and/or
  3. are to fulfil statutory duties relating to Religious Education imposed by the 1988 Education Reform Act.

C. Other Activities
Any other activity apart from those mentioned above in Sections A and B, can be charged for as an optional extra. Participation in such activities will be on the basis of parental choice and a willingness to meet such charges as are made.

D. Musical Instrument and Other Tuition
Charging will not be made for class or group musical tuition within school hours by the school because music is a foundation subject within the National Curriculum. Parents may be invited to provide instruments and music on a voluntary basis, or provide a voluntary contribution for the cost of instruments and music, in order to reduce pressure of the school budgets.

Where individual tuition is available, or provided by an outside agency such as Surrey Music, a charge will be made to parents by the tutor or centre.

E. Remissions
The Governors will make every effort to financially support a child’s participation in an activity where parents are undergoing financial difficulties. Parents are asked to make an appointment with the Headteacher to discuss such matters.

If an activity is deemed to be worthwhile and is relevant to the curriculum, the funding of such an activity will be from one or more of the following sources:

  • Pupil Premium for those children eligible
  • School Fund

All remissions would be at the discretion of the Headteacher.

Where a child has previously been entitled to receive Free School Meals but is no longer entitled, and the family is deemed to be suffering financial hardship, a decision may be made by the Headteacher to assist with the funding of School meals using Pupil Premium funds. This decision will only be taken in exceptional circumstances and if it is the opinion of the school that this would support their learning. Furthermore this action will only be taken if sufficient Pupil Premium funds are available.

This policy was written on 23rd January 2013