School Policies

At Littleton School we regard regular attendance and punctuality as very important in order for pupils to progress and achieve their potentialRead More
At Littleton Church of England Infant School we believe that children work best in a safe, secure, stimulating and challenging environment where teachers and parents work together in mutual supportRead More
We aim to promote positive behaviour in our pupils, by encouraging good behaviour and creating an environment in which it can flourishRead More
It is the duty of Littleton C of E Infant School to ensure that our pupils’ welfare is promoted, they are cared for appropriately and they are safeguarded from any harmRead More
All pupils have the right to a broad balanced and differentiated curriculum including the National CurriculumRead More
How does the school know if children need extra help and what should
do if I think my child might have special educational needs?Read More
At Littleton School we recognise that heavy snowfall can cause significant problems for staff and familiesRead More